Camper FAQs

Camper FAQs

Here are answers to all most of your questions.

Where do the campers come from?

Campers come from nearly every state in the US. Many of our campers live in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland as well as Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. We have international campers who have traveled from more than 20 different countries. You will enjoy making friends from so many different places and cultures!

Do most campers come with a friend?

Many campers come with a friend, just as many come on their own. It's easy to make new friends at camp. Some girls say it's actually easier to make new friends when you don't come to camp with a friend from home. Many girls return to camp year after year to reunite with friends they have made at camp.

Can I stay in the same cabin with a friend?

We want you to be with your friends and also make new friends at camp. We make every effort to put you with your friends, but if there are too many of you for one cabin, we will keep you in the same unit but in a couple of different cabins. If you are new to camp, you will have other girls in your cabin that are also new to camp. You can submit your bunkmate requests on the application form or by email to our camp office.

How many girls will be in my cabin?

Most cabins have 6 campers and 2 counselors. Some of our larger cabins can accommodate 8-12 girls and 3-4 counselors.

Am I responsible for cleaning my cabin?

You'll have to make your bed, tidy-up your clothes, and do a cabin chore. The chores rotate amongst the cabin mates. Chores include: sweeping, emptying the cabin's trash can, clearing-off the outside clothesline, etc. Counselors are responsible for cleaning & disinfecting your units' bathroom.

Where are the bathrooms?

Each unit has its own bathhouse with bathrooms, sinks and showers. The bathrooms are a very short walk from your cabin and have private showers and toilets. There's plenty of hot water too!

What do the campers wear at camp?

Camp clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for whatever the weather. Shorts, shirts and sneakers are worn by campers and counselors unless you are in the pool or the river! Crocs, flip-flops and Tevas are also popular. A packing list can be found on the Parents Page of our website under Camp Forms.

What should I pack my stuff in?

Whatever you find most convenient to pack your belongings in. Campers use a wide variety of containers including traditional camp trunks, large soft duffel bags or plastic storage containers. You keep your trunk under your bed so it should not be taller than 14 inches. You will not be able to fit all your camp equipment in your trunk – pack your clothing in the trunk and your bedding in one of your laundry bags. Your toilet articles and riding helmet and shoes can be carried along separately.

Should I bring clothing for special events or evening activities?

There are a lot of fun and crazy evening activities and special events where a costume or fun clothing from home will come in handy. We have many fun evening programs at camp such as hoe downs, dance parties, and other special events. Feel free to pack hoe down clothing (denim, plaid shirt and bandana) or fun party clothing (the crazier the better). You also will create a lot of your own outfits for special events in Performing Arts.

Can I bring decorations for my space in the cabin?

Yes, we want you to feel at home. Campers bring stuffed animals, photos of their family & friends from home and posters.

What’s a typical day like?

The schedule is different for General Camp, Riding Camp and Mini Camp.

General Camp

Your daily schedule will consist of 4-5 of our main activities every day.

  • Aquatics – At our two pools, we have swim lessons, water aerobics, organized games like water polo and free swim. Our private lake and beach are perfect for stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, beach parties and firework displays. You even get to tube down the Cacapon River which runs right through camp.
  • Riding – With a herd of 70+ horses, 3 barns, six rings, miles of trails and the river, there is something for everyone. We have girls at every level of riding – never ever to national competitors – and a horse for every rider. During your time at riding, you rotate amongst ring lessons, trail rides, stable management and swimming the horses in the river. By the time you are done, you will have improved from never ever to post trotting or from jumping to jumping an entire course.
  • Sports – While at sports you can choose tennis, golf, archery, basketball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse. Games of ultimate Frisbee, kickball and rugby have been known to break out.
  • Performing Arts is a time to work on your creative side as well as build confidence. You can choose either dance, drama or chorus and the session ends with two nights of performances by and for your friends.
  • Arts and Crafts is time for you to be creative in your own way whether it be sewing, painting, tie dying, or making costumes for evening events. Everyone has a chance to learn pottery techniques and make your own unique project.

Specialty Camps

Riding Camp

Our Riding Camp is a time to focus solely on horseback riding. Every day you get a ring lesson, stable management class and a trail ride or swim the horses in the river. You also get to go swimming without the horses and participate in some fun evening activities. More than half of the girls that come for a Riding week also attend General Camp.

Mini Camp

If you are entering the 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade, you can come to camp for one week to see what sleepover camp is all about. Your activities include aquatics, sports, arts and crafts, performing arts and lots of fun evening activities – but not horseback riding.

What happens on the weekends?

Every day at Camp is a weekend.

Must I attend my activities?

Yes, you must attend your activities. Camp is the perfect place to try new things. The older girls have choice during the day for sports, arts & crafts and extra beach time.

Do I stay in my cabin on rainy days?

No, actually you spend very little time in your cabin – no matter what the weather is like! Except for siesta, you're “out and about". We have plenty of space at camp that is protected from rain. We can do performing arts and arts and crafts in their pavilions. Sports can use the basketball court and unless there is thunder and lightening, we can still ride the horses and swim in the rain.

What are the evening activities like?

The day does not end after dinner. Some girls think the best is yet to come. From smaller cabin bonding evenings to crazy camp wide sing down and dance parties – there is always something to end the day with a bang.

What happens on my birthday?

Birthdays are almost a daily occurrence at camp. You start your special day being serenaded with Happy Birthday, Camp Rim Rock style, and then enjoy our tradition of “bumps" with the day ending with a huge birthday cake for your and your friends.

Can I receive mail?

You can write as many letters as you like to your family and friends. The more you write, the more you receive. We deliver mail every day. Your parents can also send you emails and small packages to share with your friends (but no food).

What is a Trading Post?

A few times a week you get to go to the Trading Post where you can buy anything from candy and stationary to pinnies, hoodies and sweat pants. Fun loops are an ever popular item as are small stuffed animals. You do not even need money. Your parents will put money on your account when you sign up for camp and the cost of your goodies are deducted from that amount.

How is the camp food?

The food is great. Chocolate chip pancakes, Taco Tuesday, Dirt and Worms, chicken nuggets – we have it all. We even have fresh fruit and vegetables, a salad bar and other great options if you do not like the main course. Do not worry if you are a vegetarian – you do not have to eat what we feed the horses – we have vegetarian options at every meal.