Current and past camp counselors share how working at Camp Rim Rock provided them with lifelong skills and invaluable opportunities.

Why Spend Your Summer as a Camp Counselor?

Summer camp is a special place where children and adults come together to form a unique cross-cultural community. Rim Rock staff have summers to remember for the rest of their lives. We encourage a fun, supportive and accepting environment.

“Being a Rim Rock counselor is the best job ever — where else do you get to hang out with friends and kids during the day and roast marshmallows for s’mores at night? There is something so special about Rim Rock that allows both campers and counselors to really open up and be themselves. Because of this atmosphere, complete strangers can become my lifelong friends in just a few weeks. All of this and more makes working at camp a unique and incredibly rewarding experience. While spending my days out in the hot sun, singing songs and building campfires, I undergo a transformation. By the end of the summer, I realize that I have become a more confident, a more responsible, and a more self aware person. Just being at Rim Rock makes me feel like the best version of myself, and I wouldn’t trade any of my summers there for anything”

– Rachel Wingrat, USA, 14 Summers at Rim Rock


“Working at Rim Rock changed me as a person for the better. I am a more confident, crazier me because of the time I spent there. It is the hardest job I’ve ever had but the best job I’ve ever had. It’s the place that made me realize just how much I love working with kids and how much I love seeing not just them, but the other counselors, grow as the summer goes by. It is my home away from home and if summer camps were running all year round I don’t think I could ever leave”

– Megan “Red” Ashby, UK, 5 Summers at Rim Rock

“Camp Rim Rock is an amazing place. I see campers and staff growing up and developing, whether they stay 2 weeks, or the whole summer. It’s a place where you wake up in the morning glad to be there, and excited to see what the day will bring. It’s a place where I feel at home, a family around me, and friends that will always be there, the richness in Rim Rock’s diverse multi-cultural staff has enabled me to somehow feel at home, wherever in the world I find myself. I would never have believed one place could change a person so much, but I see it in myself, and I couldn’t hope for better”

– Jeana Hollands, UK, 5 Summers at Rim Rock

I can honestly say that the Rim Rock and it’s diverse and culturally rich environment has taught me more than any employer, university or book could and has had a huge impact in becoming the person I am today!”

– Amy Whitton, Australia, 4 Summers at Rim Rock

“I love camp so much, that every time I’m not there, I’m wishing it was summer again so I can get back! I’ve been at camp for nine years, and it has been an amazing experience growing up there from being a camper, junior staff, counselor, sports head, and now unit head. Each year I go back, I continue to have new experiences from meeting new people, reuniting with old friends from years before all around the world that I haven’t seen a while, and making memories that I carry with me every day. From campers, junior staff, to counselors, you get to learn so much from everyone because we are all so different. It makes you become a better version of yourself by valuing other people. I think that Camp Rim Rock is a remarkable place for making us one big family with something in common; the love for camp.”

– Beatriz Meneses Salas

There is an important overlapping of duties and responsibilities in the Camp Rim Rock staff. This overlapping cements the supportive and open team work environment.

“Since I’m from Sweden the summer of 2010 was a big adventure for me. I learned so much about culture, both from the kids and counselors who were all eager to tell me their stories of history and tradition. Every week we worked together as a big family. All the fun stuff and activities gave me the perfect balance between being a responsible role model for the kids and actually doing all the fun stuff you never get to do as an adult. By that I mean dressing up as King Louie from the Jungle Book or singing songs like a crazy person while riding on trail. Now I’m only waiting for the summer to begin!”

– Miriam Franzen, Sweden, 3 Summers at Rim Rock

Get an Edge in the Job Market! As a Camp Rim Rock Counselor:

You will gain a high level of motivation and an ability to overcome challenges. You will also learn how to use your initiative by thinking and working creatively. You will possess and develop strong leadership and communication skills and an ability to work intensively as part of an energetic and enthusiastic international team.

“Rim Rock has been my second home for 12 summers. The opportunities and experiences this camp has given me are endless. From giving young girls the best summer of their lives to meeting and working with great people from all different backgrounds and all over the world. Having worked with staff from across the world I have been exposed to a level of multiculturalism that otherwise would have escaped me. Rim Rock offers countless and exciting new possibilities.”

– Molly Zigo, USA, 12 Summers at Rim Rock

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