Parent FAQs

Parent FAQs

Answers to all most of your questions.

Where is Camp Rim Rock located?

Camp is 2 hours west of Washington, DC and 4 hours from Philadelphia, PA in Yellow Spring, WV, 26 miles west of Winchester, Virginia.

Where do campers come from?

Many of our campers come from Washington, DC and the surrounding metropolitan area. We have campers from more than 30 states and a dozen countries providing for wonderful cultural diversity.

Is transportation provided?

The majority of campers are driven to camp by their family. Driving directions are available on our website under Parents Pages. We provide transportation to and from the airport for campers arriving by air. Dulles Airport is 65 miles east of camp. A camp driver and a counselor accompany the camper. A fee is charged for this service.

What is the counselor to camper ratio?

Our overall ratio is 1:3. The younger units have a lower ratio. There are at least two counselors living in every cabin with the girls. We provide supervision by an excellent staff of approximately 100 counselors.

What are the ages of the counselors?

The minimum age is 18, and they must have completed one year of college. The majority are in their early twenties. The exception is counselors who have completed our two year Counselor in Training program.

How can I apply to be a CIT (Counselor-in-Training)?

Former campers who have shown strong leadership skills are invited to apply to our CIT program upon completion of the 10th grade. CITs work with our senior staff during this two year program.

Can we visit the camp before enrolling?

There is no better way to choose a camp for your daughter than to visit. We encourage you to visit camp. Call or email the office to arrange a tour. We have Open Houses in the Spring. Check the Parents Page of our website for dates.

How many girls stay in a cabin – do the counselors stay in the same cabin?

Most cabins house 6 campers and 2 counselors. Some cabins have a slightly larger capacity with more counselors.

How many girls attend camp each session?

250 girls attend during each general session, 100 attend during our riding specialty camps. During the general session, the camp is divided into 6 units. The younger units have between 10 and 20 girls while our older units house approximately 40 campers. During the specialty sessions, the camp is divided into 6 units. The girls attending the Riding Camp and Mini Camp are housed in separate units.

Are most of the campers returning – will my daughter be the only new girl?

We have a healthy mix of new and returning campers; they are evenly divided throughout the cabins to promote a friendly and welcoming environment.

Can my daughter request to share a cabin with her friend?

If your daughter has one or two friends of the same age and grade whom she would like to have as bunk mates, we will gladly consider your request. Cabin assignments are carefully arranged to provide a mix of new and returning campers within a cabin. We want each child to have a positive experience at camp and do not want new campers to feel isolated. Campers staying for multiple sessions are housed together to provide continuity throughout their stay.

Where are the bathrooms?

Well constructed and clean bath houses are located in every unit. The bath houses contain individual private showers with plenty of hot water, sinks and modern plumbing. A counselor or a friend accompanies campers to the bathroom at night.

Will my daughter be going off site for any activities?

No, all of our activities are based on the 500 acres of camp property.

How do we pack for camp?

Packing lists for General Camp, Riding Camp and Mini Camp are available on our website under Parents Page. Clothing is laundered once during a two week stay by a laundry service. Do not bring clothing that requires special handling. Permanently label each article of clothing, shoes and personal items with the camper's name. You will not be able to pack everything in a footlocker. You can pack her clothing in a footlocker or plastic storage container, linens in a laundry bag and toiletries in a plastic container.

What size footlocker – will a suitcase work?

The footlocker is stored under the bed and should not exceed 14 inches tall. A footlocker or a plastic storage container is preferred over a suitcase. Footlockers can be purchased at stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Container Store or through Everything Summercamp, a company that specializes in camp footlockers and other camp gear. Contact information or call 1-800-535-2057. Enter promotional code: trail351RR and Camp Rim Rock to receive a discount.

Can my daughter bring her cell phone?

No, cell phones are not allowed. If you would like to see how your daughter is doing, please call our office and we will have a Program Director return your call.

Does my daughter need to have a physical before attending camp?

Every camper is required to have a medical examination within 12 months prior to her arrival at camp. Please refer to the Parents Checklist for information to complete health forms. Our Camp infirmary is staff with two nurses during the summer. This information will help the nurses take care of your child. If your child spends the night in the infirmary, our nurses will give you a call in the morning to let you know how she is.

My daughter takes medication – can she keep it in her cabin?

For the safety of all campers, no medications are kept in the cabins. All medications must be kept in the infirmary and are dispensed by our camp nurses. Any medications should be brought to camp in the original container. You will have a chance to meet and talk with our nurses on Opening Day.

What does she need a sleeping bag for – are there sleep outs?

We do have sleep outs to experience the brilliant star filled nights at camp. There are no sleep outs off camp property.

Is the clothing list for one week or two?

The clothing list is for two weeks and laundry will be done once during your daughter's stay.

Are there any religious services?

No, we are a nonsectarian camp and do not hold religious services.

Do you have a visiting day during camp?

We do not have a visiting day. Visits from home are disruptive to camp life. If, however, your daughter is staying for multiple sessions, arrangements can be made for a visit on the Saturday between sessions.

What is the weather like?

During the day, the average temperature ranges between 75-85 degrees. The evenings are refreshingly cool.

What clothing do we need for horseback riding?

For lessons/trail rides:

  • long pants (jeans)
  • a tee shirt to cover shoulders and tops of arms
  • riding boots must have a small heel with a sole that that is not too thick or bulky
  • riding helmet – to the correct standard
  • For stable management/barn:
  • shorts
  • closed toe shoes
  • tee shirt or tank top
  • For river rides:
  • bathing suit
  • river shoes
What type of riding – English or Western?

We teach English Riding to campers of all ages and experience levels. Each camper is evaluated by our Equestrian Director and assigned a horse and ring which most suits her ability. Lessons include walk, trot, cantering and jumping for more advanced riders. In addition to ring lessons, campers enjoy trail rides, river rides and classes in stable management.

Can we bring our own horse or tack?

No, we have a large number of horses ranging in ability. Each horse has their own tack which is specifically fitted to them.

What is the food like?

The food is great! We serve healthy food that kids like. Excellent meals are prepared in our kitchen by our experienced cooks. Fresh fruits, vegetables and quality ingredients are used to prepare well balanced meals.