Every Camper Learns to be at Home in the Water

Two heated pools, private lake and the Cacapon River create the perfect environment for fun in the sun.

Campers really enjoy our private beach and lake. In the heart of camp, our private lake is perfect for stand up paddleboarding kayaking, swimming, beach parties and firework displays. It is a wonderful and exciting part of our Aquatics program.

Swimming, Kayaking, Paddleboarding and Tubing are a big part of the fun of going to camp. Can you imagine anything better than tubing down the cool Cacapon River on a summer day or paddling in our private Lake in a kayak.

We believe swimming is an important life skill. Water Safety Instructors oversee instruction for all levels. While swimming in our two heated pools, Water aerobics, organized pool games and free swims are also part of the daily swimming program. Our aquatics program is operated in accordance with American Red Cross standards.

What better place to learn the basics of kayaking than on our private lake. Instructors are certified by the American Canoe and Kayaking Association.

Tubing is a refreshing and relaxing pastime on the Cacapon River, one of the most scenic in the eastern United States. Lifeguards and other counselors join the girls in this delightful activity.

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